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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

These are Frequently Asked Questions that may help you to use this site. If you have others, please contact us and we would be glad to be of assistance. We are diligent about answering our email.

We have made an effort to make this site intuitive for both the employer and job seeker to use and navigate easily. If you have suggestions we would like to hear them.

Several Ways:

  • Through a search where an applicant can choose a category
  • Through the guided search section on the left hand page that the job seekers view.
  • Through a keyword search.
  • The keyword search looks at the job description field that you create to bring up the potential applicant results. It is an exact word search and applicants are advised on how to use the search. Be sure to write your job description with key-word phrases keeping in mind the words that the applicant may type into the search box.

How do job seekers find

Search engine placement in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. Type in the key word phrases in the engine search box: outdoor jobs, outdoor industry jobs, bicycle industry jobs, action sports industry jobs, paddlesport jobs and more and you will find us usually on the first page of listings.

Targeted Domain Names: All jobs are listed under all of the following domain names:,,, and

PPartnership with SIA ( and National Bicycle Dealers Assn. ( Jobs will be posted on these sites.

Our weekly email newsletter to all employers and job seekers. We send the latest jobs and independent rep positions available to those in and outside the industry.

Word of mouth. This spread quickly as the weekly newsletter is passed to others who visit our site and sign up for our newsletter.

Outdoor Trade Show Attendance. We spread the word to both employers and job seekers by networking at trade shows and placing ads in trade show magazines.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers: Each job is hand posted in our social media accounts as well as in specific LinkedIn groups

How do I pay and where are your rates posted?

After you create a log-in and post a company profile, you will see a link to either post a job or post a product line. You will be led to the rates page, where you can make your selection. Payments are made via a secure credit card page. A receipt will come back to you. Rates are posted here.

You will have the option to purchase one job at a time or to purchase our "quantity post" which offers bulk discounts. You may then post jobs as you wish from a job bank you have purchased. In addition, you can purchase a resume search for different lengths of time.

Once you have paid, you will see a link that will allow you to post your job or independent sales rep position. Fill out the form, post, and your job goes automatically onto the site. Every Monday afternoon, we send out a mailing to our database about new jobs that are available.

How do I share the resumes with other people in my company?

  • You may forward the email of the attached resume to whomever you like.
  • You may go to the web site by clicking on a link in the email you receive, select the resume and tell the site to send the resume to up to three other people.
  • If you have posted a job, and a job seeker finds your job posting and applies for it, their resume will be sent via email to you. In addition, you will have access to their online profile.
  • If you have purchased a resume search you may search all potential candidates who have posted a resume and you may contact them directly. If you download a job seekers resume, the job seeker will be notified.
  • If you have opted to have the job seeker go to your web site to fill out an application, they will click directly to that page.

Please use our contact form and tell us the steps you made to get to the error and the error. We then can replicate the error and make the correction. If you find something as you post jobs or search for resumes that does not make sense or could be done a more efficient way, we would appreciate your feedback. We want to make this site as user-friendly as possible.

The data you post for your lines will be posted differently and categorized differently. Potential independent reps can view the territories and lines you have available. You will be able to see available sales rep info, what lines they currently carry and references of past retail stores have serviced. In our "Sales Rep Marketplace" You will see links to “Post A Job” and “Post A Product Line” The costs and forms are different, so be sure to use the correct forms as you move through the site.

Log into your account. On the left hand navigation, look for "My Account". This page will allow you to edit your current posting, will show you what you have purchased and when it expires and will allow you to re-purchase past posted positions and resumes.

A huge variety of people with different skills and talents both inside and outside the industry. Our database includes employees of companies who are currently working for an outdoor industry company and who want to move to another job within the industry. Also included are job seekers have a passion for the outdoors and have gained many skills in another industry and want to switch careers. Bringing in new talent and skills from another industry can be advantageous.

Sign In and look on the left side of the page under "Navigation". Click the "My Job Postings" link. Here you will see all the jobs you have posted. Look for the title of the job, click on the link and the form where you can edit your posting will appear. Make your edit and press save. Make sure that your job is in the posted area of the "My Job Postings" page and that it is still posted on the site after saving your changes.

Your word document will be translated into html by simply copying and pasting the text into the box. The tools at the top will allow you to edit your text.

However, there are a few quirks with a couple of the browsers that you will need to know about if you are experiencing problems with the formatting.

Safari and Chrome are completely compatible with this html editor

FireFox is compatible. However, to copy and paste your text into the job description box, instead of using "Control V" to paste, click your right hand mouse button and click "paste". A second box will appear and paste your text into the box.

Internet Explorer:

If your word document does not retain its formatting while copying and pasting your text into the box, here are some remedies

Turn On Compatibility View

In your Internet Explorer Browser look for the "gear" icon in the corner. Click the gear and view the drop down box. Select "Compatibility View Settings" and add

After the compatibility view is turned on and you copy and paste your text into the description box, a second box will appear asking you if you want to clean up your code. Press "cancel" and your document will appear in the box as is.

If you are short on time or having problems, don't hesitate to email us your Word Document and we would be glad to get your job posted. Please, don't spend too much for your valuable time trying to manipulate your text. We can help!

Yes. During the posting process, look for a box to check at the bottom of the page. Your company information will not appear in the posting.